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MSc in International Management

MSc in International Management

Degree Programs

Acquire the interdisciplinary skills to become an efficient international manager

Gain substantive knowledge on major global policy and sustainability issues

At a Glance:

  • 2 Intakes: September or January*
  • 16 months - 40 US Semester Credits (120 ECTS Credits)
  • Internship, Thesis or Applied Project (Professional Immersion)
  • Double Degree Option with INSEEC Grande Ecole in Paris

* ONLY students holding a 240 ECTS/120 US credits degree with a specialization in the same discipline area of the Master program in which they wish to enroll may apply for Direct Admission to Term 2. The IUM Admission Committee will make a decision based on the candidate's academic profile and background.

Master International Management
Double Degree Option

with INSEEC Grande Ecole in Paris

Strenghts of the program:

  • Renowned lecturers with industry specific backgrounds: Unilever, Solar Impulse, Arla Foods
  • Experiential education and commitment to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit through Capstone Projects, Corporate Projects, Business Plan Competition: The Mark Challenge
  • Close links with international corporations and organizations, and with NGOs
  • Wide range of career opportunities, in multinational companies, international organizations or in NGOs such as Geox, PWC, Silversea Cruises, Salesforce, or World Economic Forum to name a few.
  • Attracts international students with different backgrounds: business, political science, history, economics, etc. making the classroom a very enriching place.
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The curriculum of the MSc in International Management deals with corporate issues while offering, at the same time, an in-depth knowledge on global issues (New economic models, Asian century challenges and opportunities, Global policy and sustainability, Geopolitics, Business in the European Union, etc.).

During the first term you are able to build a solid foundation in core courses of business management. Then, in the second and third term you deepen your understanding of fundamental international management and acquire skills and knowledge in essential fields such as international affairs, entrepreneurship, and are confronted to sustainable and ethical ways of doing business. This MSc in International Management aims to provide you with the necessary competitive edge to outperform their peers in the job market.

MSc in International Management

MSc in International Management

Some of the Core Courses offered in the MSc in International Management Program

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

  • Multinational Firms in the Global Economy

    This MSc in International Management course provides a broad survey of international economics and ways in which worldwide economical interdependence is increasing. You will learn to appreciate the nuances of global economic forces and the ways in which they affect international economic development.

    You will also learn to analyze topics such as trade policies, foreign direct investment, financial crises, international policy coordination, the different exchange regimes, and the international monetary system. This analysis will be made in the context of current issues in international finance.

  • Management, Leadership & Ethics

    This course deals first with the main concepts concerning human management in the workplace. It concentrates on the variables that affect individual and collective behavior. The course will then provide students with methods and tools of traditional management practice, as well as management skills necessary in new economic conditions, from an ethical point of view. This course helps students understand and improve their own management capabilities, and learn how to manage and exercise leadership inside an organization these days, in a professional and ethical way.

  • Country-risk analysis

    This master course aims at providing you with a solid understanding of the concept, the historical perspectives, the theoretical debates and methodologies of country risk analysis, in the global economic system. Country risk assessment deals with economics, finance, politics, sociology, and history.

    You will learn that, as the new global economy raises the level of uncertainty and complexity for the international firm’s cross-border strategy, country risk analysis has become an essential component of strategy decisions regarding export, investment, partnership, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Global Policy and Sustainability

    This course provides students with insight into the rapidly changing world of global environmental policy and sustainable development.

    Students will be exposed to the challenges of managing the environment and securing sustainable development from an international perspective.

  • Intercultural Communication and Negotiation

    According to negotiation guru, George L. Karrass "In business as in life, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate". Whatever your future career will be: international businesswoman, sporting coach, diplomat or manager of a SBU, you will have to make deals with your partners, customers, board of directors or subordinates. These deals will probably be achieved through a negotiation process.

    The objective of this graduate course is to give the future executives who will be involved in negotiating, namely at the international level, some insights about the negotiation process and to equip them with techniques such as BATNA, WAA, ZOPA to achieve win-win outcomes.

    After a short review of the sales environment, this MSc in International Management course will describe negotiation strategies, and address the cultural idiosyncrasies influencing the deal making process. Cases and role-plays will illustrate some of the situations faced by international negotiators.

  • Strategic Marketing

    Many different perspectives exist on marketing and strategy. To successfully manage their companies, managers need to understand the impact of marketing thought and marketing capabilities on business strategy. This course will introduce you to the most recent ideas concerning marketing and their impact on strategy formation.

    The course will combine marketing and strategizing knowledge with practical application, and develop a framework for understanding the essential ingredients of strategic marketing. The course covers topics such as the impact of the marketing paradigm on corporate policy and business unit strategy, effective market segmentation and differentiation from competition, marketing´s relation to brand management, relationship and touch-point experience management as well as marketing´s role in innovation processes. We will discuss how to analyze market conditions, to design and to influence strategy formation, branding and innovation processes.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, the applied research project or the internship offers you the opportunity to apply the theory gained in the courses and to further develop your interests and competencies in a chosen field of specialization.

In your internship search, you are supported by all IUM faculty members and by the IUM Career Office, which provide you with information and guidance on the international management job market places and help you throughout the year to carefully prepare your applications in these competitive markets.

Working closely with industry players

The MSc in International Management ensures that its curriculum matches the labor market’s standards by working closely with industry players.

Throughout the academic year IUM organizes a series of conferences and invites professional guest lecturers who are experts in their field, coming from the World Bank, the United Nations, the Albert II Foundation, the Office of international Cooperation of Monaco, Ferrero Imprese Sociali, the Yunus foundation, and from various multinationals.

In addition, the students of the MSc in International Management program have the opportunity to visit multinational enterprises such as ES-KO, Silversea Cruise, etc.

To further reinforce students understanding of professional expectations a yearly Business trip is scheduled to visit organizations and firms in European capitals.

Some of the projects organized for the Master in International Management students:

  • A humanitarian project designed with the Monegasque Red Cross for the implementation of a dwell in Mali
  • Organization of the Monaco Model UN (MUN, or conference simulation) in partnership with the United Nations Regional Information Center, UNRIC, in Brussels. This event took place in Monaco under the High Patronage of H.S.H. The Prince Albert II of Monaco

Career Services

Career Development Seminar

As part of your MSc in International Management program, you will follow a Career Development Seminar, divided in 3 sequences, to support you in your internship and job search strategies.
  • In Fall – “ Discovering” job markets, companies and career paths
  • In Winter – “Targeting the institutions”
  • In Spring – “Making Connections”
career seminar

Career Opportunities

The MSc in International Management alumni occupy a wide range of positions in highly diverse organizations, having in common a sensitiveness to sustainable development issues.

Some positions held by our most recent Master in International Management graduated students:

- Consultant, Moore Stephen Services, Monaco
- Business Developer Eastern Europe, Geox, Italy
- Project Manager, Red Cross Monaco
- Assistant to the Strategic Development Director, Silversea Cruises, Europe

- Sales and Marketing manager, Eco Supplies Solar Energy, Monaco
- Junior Consultant, Peace and Sport Projects, Monaco
- Junior Relationship Manager, Monaco Consulate, Washington DC
- Marketing officer Emerging Markets, Yachting industry, Singapore
- Marketing manager, Avinco, Monaco

- Editorial Manager, Oxford Business Group, Gabonese Republic
- Consultant, Indra, Madrid
- Manager, Rocleri Monaco
- Assistant to the Account Manager, Veolia Environmental Services, Paris region
- Lawyer, Law firm, Lagos, Nigeria

Alumni Testimonials

Folakemi Alli-Balogun Folakemi Alli-Balogun, MSc in International Management (Class of 2013)

My experience at IUM was the perfect transition for me from the legal field into the business field. I was delighted to have had the perfect orientation into the business world, as the program was embedded in themes of ethics and sustainable development.

Right now, I am back to the legal field, working in a law firm but I feel enriched as I am now able to recognize that a law firm must be run as a business. I have personally decided to embark on Corporate social responsibility and sustainability drive for my firm and my interest in this area was without a doubt sparked by my undertaking of the Master of Science in International Business program (Global Affairs focus) at IUM.

I am extremely grateful for the training I have received and look forward to incorporating the skills I have gained into other projects and fields.

Vlada Botanovic Vlada Botanovic, Master in International Management (Class of 2010)
Area Sales Manager, GEOX, Italy

It was a fantastic experience to be part of such an International environment and to be able to share experiences with students coming from all over the globe.

One of my best memories at IUM was the time spent with my teammates during group exercises as I learnt a lot on how to cope with various personalities and conflicts of interest in order to find a compromise in the end.

I learned much about how businesses developed internationally, how multinational organizations operate, how to best apply efficient decision-making processes and all this while further developing my interpersonal skills.

While studying I have surely made best use of the Monaco business environment and rich nightlife to make new friends, future business contacts that are surely going to be useful sometime in the future. Not to mention the fun I had while playing waterpolo for the local team.

The skills I learned at IUM are certainly becoming more useful now speaking from a professional point of view as an Area Sales Manager for GEOX with 8 countries in Eastern Europe under my responsibility.

All in all, IUM was definitely a great launching ramp for my career and I thank all the teachers and staff for their support, especially my program director Mrs. Rinaldi and the career office.

Nicole Dong Nicole Dong, Master in International Management (Class of 2011)
Account Executive,
Ogilvy & Mather, Canada

The reason I chose the program is because it was able to merge my passion for humanities with my desire to learn more about business in a more natural way, versus studying for an MBA which contains more "hard" sciences.

I learned quite a lot academically - particularly pertaining to business acumen, but what I enjoyed most was meeting a wide variety of people and learning about their cultures. This can be applied to the workplace as any work environment can be extraordinarily diverse in people. For myself, in an international organization, it is also important to recognize and respect other cultures and that is a very important skill to develop in life.

Currently I'm working at an advertising agency (Ogilvy) for American Express in Canada. I work on the account side, so my role focuses on managing clients and projects, effectively communicating creative ideas between clients and my creative teams, and executing an assortment of communications materials (such as websites, emails, direct mail packs, new product launches, etc.).

Davide Pasquero Davide Pasquero, Master in International Management (Class of 2013)

I was looking for a program that could give me knowledge and skills on how to do business internationally as my previous background was only focused on scientific courses. Moreover, I was also looking for a program with a very multicultural profile in term of students and environment, and I found all that at IUM in the Master in International Management.

Coming from a very different background, I have learned many different things on how to do business in different situations and with multicultural people. I have definitely improved my teamwork skills and I have also understood the importance of ethics and social responsibility in doing business, which is not always obvious. I have enjoyed every single moment spent at IUM, from the toughest to the easiest ones, and I believe it was due to my amazing classmates. We really were a great team!

I always wanted to set up my own business and the Master in International Management was very likely to be a stepping stone in order to pursue my wish. Day by day, class after class, this feeling has been growing and now I am working with a partner with the aim to set up a business. I have just realized that there is nothing better than start your business and work to grow and improve it. To me, succeeding in doing that would be the biggest satisfaction.

Nicolas Bouzanne Nicolas Bouzanne, MSc in International Management (Class of 2013)
Delegate, French Association for the United Nations, France

My experience at IUM was rewarding. Thanks to a teaching based on theory, pragmatic case studies and applied group projects, the Master in International Business and Global Affairs enabled me to understand the challenges linked to globalization and to the growing complexity of the international business environment.

With a focus on the international geopolitical context, the global political economy, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, this program enabled me to acquire the competencies needed to adapt to global policy changes and foreign cultures and to be ready to work in an international setting in the world of business or diplomacy.

With my fellow students we organized and participated in a Model United Nations, which is a simulated session of a United Nations General Assembly in which each participant represents a country, and takes on a role of a diplomat proposing solutions on a specific world issue; hence I got the opportunity to meet with the Head of Communication to the United Nations for France and Monaco, with whom I stayed in contact.

Later that year, I went to a trip to Brussels organized by our Master class during which I met again with the Head of Communication to the United Nations who gave a presentation on the organization and the work undertaken by the team. I took the opportunity to hand in my CV, and received the week after an invitation for an interview for an internship, which eventually lead to a positive answer. I am now going to do a six-months internship at the United Nations office in Brussels in charge of the communication for France and Monaco.