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Bachelor program
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September and January
Specialization (3rd Year)
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Luxury Tourism & Hospitality is one of the BBA Specialization (3rd Year)

It combines the core knowledge of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with critical aspects of today’s tourism and hospitality market. This specialization focuses on luxury tourism experiences, and it has Monaco – one of the most alluring luxury destinations in the world– as the center of the learning journey.
With this goal in mind, we have designed the specialization to offer knowledge, train particular skills required to work in this industry, and let innovative ideas come forward by encouraging critical thinking. Students will learn from academics and experts (e.g., luxury hotel hospitality managers and event management experts, among others).
In addition, students will do an internship in a company in the industry, such as in luxury accommodations and restaurants, recreation and entertainment at luxury destinations, transportation, tour operators, etc.
After completing the courses and their internship, students will be ready to create value for companies in the hospitality and tourism industry and, as a result, build their future careers with the possibility of working at a luxury tourism destination.

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As global wealth expands and new inbound and outbound markets continue to emerge, the luxury travel industry faces disruption from a new generation of well-educated, highly demanding travel consumers. To respond, the hospitality industry needs managers who master new technologies and methodologies that will define a new era of modern travel.


Program Objectives

Program Objectives (expected competencies and skills at graduation): 

The specialization will focus on bringing specific industry knowledge related to tourism and hospitality, like luxury services, customer experience, destination management, and tourism marketing, among others, throughout the existing BBA program learning goals and objectives, which are:

  • Critical thinking
    be critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Knowledge
    have overall knowledge of all functional areas of business management (finance, marketing and management)
  • Ethics
    have a deep understanding of ethics
  • Groupwork
    be able to work collaboratively in a multicultural environment
  • Communication
    be effective communicators

Expected Job Perspectives

Graduates of this program pursue careers in many areas of hospitality and tourism management, including:

  • Luxury Hotels and resorts management
  • Events organization
  • Tourism marketing for luxury companies
  • Government tourism bodies at luxury destinations
  • Airlines and cruises direction
  • Service providers in the field of Luxury Tourism & Hospitality
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Candidate Profile

Students who have finished their BTS or IUT studies in hospitality management (or first two years of the IUM bachelor program), who speak English, and target to pursue a career in international luxury tourism and/or hospitality as management positions, willing to work in English in some luxury destinations or establishments.

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Updated 12 January 2023