English Immersion for High School Students

Summer program
July 2022
2 weeks
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Do you think your English doesn’t sound as spontaneous as it should be?

Take your English to the next level!

Become fluent in speaking English and learn how to express yourself spontaneously through fun and practical English lessons at the International University of Monaco.

Information on the 2022 Edition will be available at the end of 2021. 

Program Highlights

English Tutors
Students of Different Nationalities
Friendly Atmosphere
Study in the Heart of Monaco

Course Goals

To confidently use spoken and written English for both academic and social purposes
To comfortably participate in paired and small group discussion
To develop listening and comprehension in English
To use English to research current topics
To be proficient in presentation skills in English
To take the TOEFL test as proof of improved English skills

Monaco as your Campus

The Principality of Monaco, located between France and Italy on the
French Riviera, is a dynamic and multicultural environment where students
can learn and experience the finance, sport, and luxury industries at the
highest level.