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Sneak peek of the MSc in International Management - martina-possioIUM recently interviewed, Martina Possio, a dynamic and friendly Italian student, who is currently studying the MSc in International Management program.

You did your Bachelor’s degree at IUM. Why did you choose to pursue a Master’s degree with us?

Throughout my years as a Bachelor student, IUM, as well as Monaco itself, taught me some important lessons about the world of business, such as not always relying on the literature, and the value of proper networking and being socially adequate. From its successful and experienced professors to its short-term yet efficient course timeline, IUM offered me precisely the sort of experience I was looking for, thus giving a reason to my choice for pursuing a master’s degree in this establishment.

Favorite memory about IUM?

My favorite memory is the day of the ceremony. Seeing all the students, families, and professors with who you spent your best and worst moments, all gathered there, together, to celebrate a glorious finish line. We made it!

What are your key takeaways from this program?

My personal development is probably my major takeaway. This Master motivated me to achieve my dreams. It was challenging, and it made me realize I can go much further than what I always thought. It made me realize that with hard work, passion, and determination, anything is achievable.

Thanks to the international environment I was exposed to every day, I developed an eye for detail, some cross-cultural competence, and a change adaptable attitude. In 2016, I crossed the doors of the International University of Monaco as someone lost, undecided, and insecure. I am leaving now, in 2020, as a completely different person: secure, decisive, and sure.

And what advice would you give to people who decide to do this Master?

My advice to people who decide to do this Master is to take advantage of every networking opportunity; to not give up; it’s a hard Master, but it is going to pay-off at the end and enrich you personally; have some nerve: only with hard-work, you are going to achieve what you want to.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I would like to become an entrepreneur, and I am working hard to achieve my dream. Fortunately, with the Mark Challenge and many more challenges organized by IUM, I am one step closer to this realization. But before fulfilling my dream, I will have to go through a lot of experience. Therefore, I am aspiring for an international career in Strategic Marketing or International Development within an entrepreneurial and challenging environment.


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