…A question that anyone thinking of applying for a master’s degree, particularly in a different country, is likely to ask themselves!

In an increasingly competitive job market, a Master’s degree has many benefits and can set you apart from other candidates – as well as increase your earning potential.

I was looking for an extraordinary environment to build a network and learn from first-class professors that go above and beyond standard lectures and always want to encourage learning.

During my studies, I have acquired good analytical and management skills. The education has provided me with fundamental knowledge in areas which are human resources, management, marketing, economics, and finance. It offers me a unique opportunity to acquire deep knowledge and know-how of business concepts. I have become a competent and oriented manager with the ability to build external relationships with customers. IUM has taught me to think outside of the box and to develop new concepts and ideas.

Jan Petter, Norwegian, Service Team Manager at Coromatic AS – Norway

Why do a Master's Degree

Studying for a Master’s degree is an exciting project and there are many valid reasons to consider taking a postgraduate course.

According to the Higher Education Academy’s Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2017, the most popular reasons for undertaking a Master were to:

  • progress in a current career path (58%)
  • improve employment prospects (54%)
  • develop a personal interest (46%)
  • enable progression to a higher level qualification (21%)
  • enter a particular profession (21%)
  • meet the requirements of a current job (9%).

A Master’s degree can also aid a career change, and provide you with useful industry contacts and connections.

Why do a Master's DegreeDoing a master’s degree allowed me to connect to a globally diverse student body; and to network, travel, and have access to global career opportunities. My life will never be the same anymore, and I have learned so much about myself and others through this incredible journey thanks to IUM.

Bhavin, Indian, Financial & Administrative Coordinator, Porsche Experience Center – Atlanta, USA


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