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The MSc in Marketing specialized in Digital Marketing program is designed specifically to produce graduates with advanced but tailor-made knowledge in digital marketing tools. This MSc program is suitable for students who have previously studied marketing at their undergraduate level and/or for those who have worked in the field of marketing or with the social/digital media. This program will equip students with the knowledge and understanding of both the traditional theories in marketing strategy as well as their application in the contemporary digital environment. The MSc in Digital Marketing prepares our students for top-level and new marketing positions such as social media manager, online brand or marketing manager, E-commerce manager.

“Mobile technologies have changed the way we interact with people and brands. New behaviors appear every day and create opportunities for marketers to position their brands. In order to meet these new challenges, and to exploit these new opportunities, industries require graduates who have a specialized training in digital marketing and communication tools.

To enable you to face–and always be a step ahead in–this ever changing industry, to help you reach decision-making position within the digital industry, I give you the following tools:

  • I train you on how to analyze the mobile market puzzle and anticipate strategic moves.
  • I teach you and make you apply marketing concepts to the mobile world, and create a mobile marketing campaign.
  • Finally, you take part in presentations and conferences given by professionals, and you get to meet our guest speakers, who all possess very specific skills and positions.

This approach enables you to gain a well rounded knowledge of the market, preparing you for whatever you will have to face in your future.”

Nicolas Teboul, current IUM Lecturer

Nicolas first graduated as an engineer in embedded systems from Polytech’Nice-Sophia Antipolis and immediately worked at IBM on real-time location systems. After a successful experience in a technical environment, he decided to switch to a more marketing job position at Red Bull which was penetrating the French market at that time. In this new position, Nicolas was in charge of marketing operations and networking. These experiences, in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit, led him to integrate an MBA program in San Francisco. Coming back from United-States full of entrepreneurial energy, he launched the startup Azur Mobile. Azur Mobile is a company specialized in building custom mobile app solutions for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablets, Windows 7 and Kindle Fire.

MSc in International Marketing Specialized in Digital Marketing 
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