Dear readers, students, future commercials, managers and so on…

Are interested in communication but do not really know what it means. You want to know more about communication, marketing and all these areas? You don’t understand the importance of marketing? This article is what you need!I’m Camille Lemaire, a French BECOM student at IUM (International University of Monaco) and I’m going to talk about the “Fundamentals of communication” course taught by Madame Jauffret. I would like to share my opinion with you on this subject and give you a brief description of this course. Stay with me and keep reading!

So, as I said before, I’m doing a Bachelor of communication and this is my 1st year. When doing a Bachelor of communication, your subject is obviously “Fundamentals of communication” which refers to marketing and communication mainly. During this course, we study different subjects such as colors, story telling, culture, symbols and so on divided in sessions.  We learn by analysing advertisements principally.

When studying or working in communication, you have to be aware of the differences and changes: difference of culture, difference of religion, the difference in ways of thinking(what it is “good” for you can be “bad” for others etc…). This remains very important when promoting your product or creating an ad in another country where the values and the culture are the opposite of yours. Plus, changes in trends, nowadays people care about what is in tune with the times,so being conscious of it is essential.We learn all of this by analysing ads from various countries, which subsists really interesting.

I really like this course because it’s really enriching. You do not just learn what communication is or what marketing is but you ‘re also enabling your horizons through the different ad campaigns from abroad.

Hope you enjoyed reading and that it gave you the desire to choose this course. But BE CAREFUL!!! After one course, you will be touched by the “semiologic” disease: analysing each ad in the streets, on TV, magazines and so on..!

Have a good day readers! 

Camille LEMAIRE, Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management, 1st year, 2013