Stephane VouillumeOn 17th October 2013, the Bachelor of Communication and Entertainment Management students (Fundamentals of communication and advertising class) at the International University of Monaco were very pleased to welcome Mr Stéphane Vouillume as their guest speaker. The purpose of his visit was to talk to the students about Communication, Marketing and especially Packaging.

Stephane was incredibly entertaining during the class showing us different types of packaging, their functions and what influence they have on the consumer. He explained how the packaging of different product can manipulate the buyer into buying it. He even distributed some samples to show us what packaging is made of, and to explain the benefits of their design, shape, colour, etc. This exercise made it a lot clearer for all the students to understand its importance.  I had a cute little box, with a twirly opening on top, made out of cardboard. It was so appealing that I can understand why someone would feel attracted to it irrespective of its contents.

It certainly is interesting to be aware of the shape, the design and the eye-catching colours, which emphasize the product. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I think next time I go shopping I will be a lot more aware of the influence the packaging has on me as a consumer.

It was a great help to all the students, particularly as we are presently researching and learning about Communication! I am sure I can speak for the entire class when I say that we sincerely hope to see Stephane at the IUM again, and will welcome him with open arms.

IUM Fundamentals of communication and advertising class

Photographer: Anton NORGAARD

Reported by Monika JAGIELLO, Bachelor of Communication and Entertainment Management student