Last Thursday the students had a fantastic evening at La Brasserie on the port in Monaco which celebrated the beginning of term, as well as a thank you to all the captains of the sports teams. They were also joined by alumni from Monaco, who came to catch up with their old classmates as well as the professors and staff who attended.

The captains who were able to enjoy the limelight and receive praise for their efforts were:
Soccer team: Benoit Bravard
Golf team: Paulo Ferreira
Volleyball team: Bruno Bortuzzo
Sailing team: Massimiliano Stimamiglio
Ski team: Clement Berruer
Karting: Lorenzo Tolotta

The following students were also given an award to thank them for their help and contribution to the teams:
Pascal Bellet for the golf team
Charles Galbois for the sailing team
Francesca Mereto for the volleyball team
Rory O’Connor who is the coach of the soccer team

Finally the three French champions: Lorenzo Tolotta, Julien Picard and Tim Scharf for karting.

Last but not least we gave a big thank you to our sponsor who is also an IUM student: first year BSBA student Petar Despotovic. It was a great event and a wonderful chance for BSBA students, graduate students, alumni, professors and staff to get together.