Ian Sosso, IUM visiting professor and professional of the Venture Capital, shares his experience with the MSc in Finance students.

Mr. Sosso is the founder and managing partner of Monte Carlo Capital. This is a group of experienced business angels investing their own capital in early stage tech companies, in Europe, Asia and the US. They also have an accelerator in Hong Kong where they help European tech businesses grow their business in Asia.

In your opinion, what is the most important added value of having a professional teaching students?

A professional can shape the class to the reality of the business world, and share his own experience with students. Students get not only to cover the theoretical part of the subject being taught, but also learn what really matters in practice.


In your opinion why is it still important to have a master degree today?

The financial world is complex and encompasses many specialties – from the very quantitative, such as derivatives, all the way to venture capital, via asset management, investment banking, etc. A master’s degree in finance equips students to understand the complexity of the financial world, and helps them position themselves on the ever competitive jobs market.


What are you teaching and why is it very important for IUM students?

I teach Venture Capital. Venture Capital is important not only to those looking to work in Venture Capital, but to anyone looking to start a business, anyone looking to work in Mergers & Acquisitions, business development and, more generally, in anything that entails analyzing a business proposition and structuring a deal.

We cover all aspects of Venture Capital, from deal sourcing and deal selection, to due diligence, company valuation, negotiations, deal structuring and deal monitoring. All those elements are critical to so many areas of business at large. For those specifically interested in Venture Capital asset management, we also cover the ins and outs of setting up and managing a Venture Capital fund.


Why would you hire an IUM student?

IUM students come from all over the world and are true world citizens. Many of the students in my class already have significant work experience, and when they did not they have a clear view of what they want to do in life. At IUM, they bettered their education and made themselves even more valuable hires to any business.

I see their international background and the time spent in Monaco building a network in a short period of time, as a true benefit to any Monaco based firm.


What is the most important advice you can give to our students?

Don’t we all wish we were still students…  I can advise them to enjoy every minute of it and learn as much as possible from the great range of lecturers the International University of Monaco has. They should also Interact with other students who come from all over the world and bring such a great wealth of diversity to the program. Finally, they should use Monaco’s unequaled concentration of successful business people and build a network which will support them throughout their business life.



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