Larry-HathewayOn February 1st, 2013, UBS Investment Bank Chief Economist Larry Hatheway presented his global outlook entitled “American Ascendancy, European Renewal and Asian Decline: Economic and Financial Implications” to a floor of IUM faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and guests from the Monegasque financial community.

Under the seemingly provocative title, Mr. Hatheway provided his forecasts and sharp analysis of Europe’s capacity to resolve its fundamental sovereign and financial insolvency challenges, US’s resilience and growth recovery, notwithstanding the political and policy risks, and Asia’s demographic, productivity and unit labor costs’ issues. He also spoke about current and future trends in globalization, nationalism, EU and US international policy, and the role of central banks during and after the 2008 crisis. Students and professors alike met his compelling presentation very enthusiastically and participated eagerly in the Q&A session.