During the February Break, students of IUM had the opportunity to spend four days in the wonderful city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. There were thirteen students and staff.

After a long night of travel through Milan, we arrived on Saturday morning in the capital. We wasted no time in visiting the places that Prague has to offer.

This started with the magical old town that had castles in the middle of the street. We went up the clock tour and admired a panoramic view of Prague that was covered in snow. Next was shopping in the little local market, followed by lunch in the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

During the rest of our stay we visited a number of sites including the castle and the cathedral, the Strahov library and the Strahov Monetary. The weather even allowed us to have a snowball fight, which was won by the stronger team: the girls! We also saw the Communism Museum and the National Theatre.

Our days were very busy, and so were our nights! Prague is filled with bars and nightclub like Hot Peppers and the Coyote Bar. We enjoyed typical Czech food, and on the last night we went on a pub crawl which was a good opportunity to visit the other places.

Overall, this trip was really enjoyable, we got to visit a city that none of us knew and to learn about other cultures. We even learnt a few words of Czech that we will remember forever.