Another Top Ranked Research Article for Professor Campa!

His top ranked research article entitled “Ownership structure and the performance of Chinese listed firms after the share reform: latest evidence from the manufacturing sector” has just been accepted in a journal called “International Journal of Corporate Governance”, ranked B (i.e. 2*) in the ABDC ranking.

This research investigates the relationship between ownership structure and the financial performance of Chinese manufacturing firms after the implementation of the 2005 reform of tradable and non-tradable shares.

Using data from 2011 to 2014 and hand-collected ownership information, the results highlight that ownership concentration and the level of legal person shareholdings have a positive effect on firm performance. They also indicate that the level of state and individual investor shareholdings do not improve company performance. The relationship between the level of state and legal person shareholdings and firm performance is not linear and, in the simultaneous presence of these two ownership types, the dominance of one of the two drives the overall effect.

The paper also shows that the 2005 reform has increased ownership dispersion but has not changed the relationship between the type of dominant shareholder and firm performance highlighted in earlier studies. It suggests that reforms can be ineffective if they do not also encompass a revision of the legal framework in a country.


Top Ranked research articleDomenico Campa is Professor of Accounting at the International University of Monaco.

He completed his PhD at University College of Cork in 2011 and worked as Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin.

He also served the board of the European Accounting Association as national representative for Ireland from 2013 to 2016.

His research interests mainly involve auditing, earnings quality, IFRS adoption, corporate governance. Having studied in both Italy and Anglo-Saxon contexts, his interests include the analysis of impacts of institutional setting on economic variables. His studies have been published in international refereed journals including, among others, Accounting and Business Research, Accounting in Europe, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, Managerial Auditing Journal, International Review of Financial Analysis and International Review of Law and Economics.