Pernille Paulsen, Bachelor in Business Administration 2019, is one of those students who want to help change the world.

Student and committed to education - PAULSEN PernilleYou graduated from IUM last June. Since then, what have you been up to?

Since graduating last June, I have been busy working my full-time job as a, now, Marketing and Commercial Executive at Hepburn Bio Care, which is the leading supplier of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the marine and hospitality industry.

My job is very varied. I work with supporting our existing clients in the marine industry as well as developing two new businesses under the name of Hepburn Bio Organics (Hepburn Bio Body Care and Monte Care), which will launch within the next couple of months. Both enterprises are cosmetics brands, one for humans (body and skincare) and one for pets! All organic and naturally derived ingredients, reducing plastic waste using refillable aluminum bottles and reducing toxins in our daily lives without harming our oceans. It is a fascinating job, and very much in line with my values and passion for the environment and sustainability. Which brings us to the next questions:

When you were a student at IUM, you were the president of the TwoHelp Association, which is providing education to children in need all around the world. Why did you engage yourself in such a cause? Where does your commitment to education and children derive from?

I have always had an urge to be part of something that does well.

When I started IUM and saw that there was a charity for children’s education, I had to get involved. Caroline, the founder of the organization, welcomed me with open arms, and we have since become good friends.

My commitment to the cause comes from a continuous realization of how lucky I am. Fortunate to be born in a country where education is available to everyone, where I feel safe walking to and from school, and that me going to school wasn’t a financial burden for my family. For more than 250 million children and youths, education is not available. Many children have to work from a very young age to provide for their families. Educated and healthy children will be able to lead their communities out of poverty and lay the foundation of the thriving nations of tomorrow. This issue came to my attention at a young age, and I now understand how important it is to spread the word and get people involved in making a difference. Our future lies in the hands of our children; educating them is the first step to make this world a better place to live. And every little action, every small donation, and every short word spoken of this issue helps. I believe TwoHelp is a beautiful place to start, and I urge the current students of IUM to get involved!

In your opinion, what was the best part of studying at IUM (doing the Bachelor program)?

Diversity is the best part of studying at IUM. I have met and become friends with people from all around the world. Learning about their countries and cultures has been so valuable. I think that is an extraordinary learning experience that you wouldn’t get at any other University. Also, there are some amazing professors at IUM with years and years of experience and knowledge that they are happy to share. I take what I have learned from them with me every day.

What is the best business advice you’ve received?

The best business advice I’ve received, which I’d also say is a piece of good life advice would have to be “Don’t take any sh*t from anyone.” Meaning, don’t let anyone bring you down, and stay confident.

Thank you Pernille and good luck for your next challenges!


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