Master in Luxury Management studentOur professors often tell us about networking, how important it is and how much it can help us. I know that a lot of students find this word too conceptual and very hard to implement in practical situations. A few days ago, I was one of these students.  But some unexpected event occurred, which changed my point of view.

As a Luxury Goods & Services exchange student, I was invited to the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September 2013. I had the opportunity to meet many professionals. One of them, a Monegasque, has been very nice and spent a lot of time with me explaining his job and his passions. He insisted on knowing my motivations and my passions (I’m a musician). At the end of the day, I sent him an email to thank him for the time he had kindly granted me and for the opportunity he had given me to expand my knowledge.

On November 26 evening, long time after this day at the Yacht Show, I received an email from him, inviting me to a concert at the Salle Garnier in Monte Carlo the next day. I was very surprised, and of course I immediately accepted. I attended this wonderful concert (of the jazz-funk bass player Marcus Miller), in this beautiful place (I advise all those who haven’t seen it to visit it as soon as possible!). After the show, I talked with my host and I thanked him for the beautiful evening. He said he had the idea to invite me because I had the courtesy to send him a thank-you email a few months earlier. He kept it on his phone because he appreciated it, and when he learned that he had an invitation for the concert, he thought of me remembering my passion for music. He taught me a very simple but important lesson: “work and passion are very important, and courtesy is a valuable and essential quality for success.”

That’s why I can tell you that networking is very powerful. A simple thank-you email can help you more than you might guess. Taking the time to talk with people, and always thanking them may seem a simplistic piece of advice, but it is essential.

Reported by Pierre-Olivier Bligny, exchange Master in Luxury Management Student


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