Solveig Beyza Narli EvenstadThe Fundamentals of Communication and Advertising II class (Prof. JAUFFRET-CERVETTI) had the pleasure of having guest lecturer Solveig Beyza Narli Evenstad, researcher at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in the Department of Communication and Information Sciences and a specialist in the field of “burnouts”.

Her lecture and her new methodology model “Understanding and assessing pathological communication patterns in the workplace culture preceding burnout” seems to be very applicable as many higher education institutions and the professional world often set a stage for potential burnouts. As she said “the dominant factor in our society is change and we all live with the biggest paradox ‘do more with less’!”. In her opinion, the most difficult task is to recognize signs of burnout. But with this model the students are now aware of the problem and can identify certain conditions that indicate a possible burnout, so that they can stop themselves in their tracks and revise their situation.

Hopefully, no student at IUM goes through this. The positive support from all professors and staff will definitely diminish the likelihood.


Reported by Laura HAZEN, Bachelor in Communication & Entertainment Management-1st year