Once again, IUM students have participated to the 16th edition of No Finish Line Monaco, a 8-days continuous marathon for which each km raises 1€ for charities.

No Finish Line is a circuit of 1400 meters, open 24h/24h during 8 days. One of the most enjoyable sides was the free-limit entry, making one’s decision on the management of the jogging. The self-motivation depended on the real-time evaluation on the number of km executed. The whole environment at the No Finish Line was relaxed and friendly and the overall participation contributed to the charity and final common goal.

Another lovely side of the event was the participation of the pet owners whom came with their pets to support their family and friends. In fact, there was an excusive “pet team” for the four-paws runners! The atmosphere was not competitive as most running circuits are bloodthirsty with many sportive athletes. That was the greatest differentiation: the element of compassion for missionary benefits.
We have had the chance to interview three highly involved students: Monika and Ilaria, experiencing NFL for the first time, and Birute, a common ‘guest’ of the charity circuit.

No Finish LineNo finish line is for everyone
This was my first year joining in the No Finish Line team and I had no experience in ever participating in a running course.
Nevertheless, I was very motivated by my friends, which made me want to put on my best running gear. Since my friends have never seen me in running shoes I am sure they must have been very surprised to see me participate.
I loved the fact that one could simply walk and not have to run like a trained athlete. It also made me feel better about myself that there wasn’t a specific starting point or a precise finish line, which I am sure the whole designation of the “NO Finish Line” is all about. The spirit at the event was so jubilant, I was delighted to see all age groups and 4 legged participants there too! Many pet owners came along to support the missionary aids. Another great element was that the circuit was open 24/7. This allowed me to go after uni to walk off the sitting hours spend at university to get my blood vessels going. I noticed some participants coming in after work in their business attire as well, allowing for a great variety of apparels. I must admit that the little snacks; handed out at the event were also a great contribution to get me encouraged to come each day. I loved those little bites of the “pain d’épices”!
I look forward to join the team next year and to perhaps get a longer run at the track.
Monika Jagiello, 21st November 2015

Enjoy yourself
I admit to be positively surprised by the organization and entertainment of the event. It was the first time that I have participated to such event and I recognize that the motivation to run went strongly from the sake of the charity. The ambiance was welcoming and supportive. The event was professionally organized and everyday felt different thanks to the various animations. The staff of NFL offered catering and accessible drinkable water to the runners – which was a greatly appreciated to be offered something in Monaco (at least students were happy, thank you NFL!).
The t-shirts were marking the history or belonging of the runners, enhancing the colored diversity of the runners: from the young school kids to the pensioners. Despite that difference, NFL managed to make us all united for the good causes, especially during the minute of silence after the Paris attacks.
Even though I usually work out once or twice a week, it has been long time since I have done it regularly, and NFL was the perfect excuse I was waiting for to go back to it! I live 30 minutes away from Monaco, but despite that I easily found the time to run 6 days out of
8 and I ended up doing a reasonable number of laps. I am looking forward for the next edition and to surpass my record of 20 laps.
In conclusion, I evaluate the experience as highly enjoyable and productive as I was proud to wear the IUM t-shirt.
Ilaria Pittaluga, 21st November 2015

Exceed your expectations
No Finish Line is something that we could all commit to at least for a day or… a week. After a remarkable failure in my participation last year with only 2 laps completed, I have decided to be more committed and dedicated to No Finish Line this year. To do that I had to start somewhere. Setting an objective of 10 laps a day for myself and my dog seemed very close to impossible to achieve, since the maximum mileage I have done in the past was only 5 miles or 7 kilometers. Day one was unexpectedly very successful with almost 6 hours spent on the track and 15 laps completed (18.6km) just in one day! As the saying goes, strong beginning is already half of the work done. This is not completely true, however, the successful beginning definitely boosted my motivation to continue! Every day the minimum goal was 10 laps and because I could only participate in No Finish Line for 5 days, I tried to stay committed and achieve my goal. On the day three it got more difficult as I have got few blisters on my foot but I still managed to continue. I couldn’t believe how motivated I was and how happy this made me feel. Participation in No Finish Line started to seem like a lot of fun and no pain in the world could have stopped me from enjoying this beautiful event and supporting those in need by doing what I actually liked. The final day was very exciting, but on my final lap I started to feel a bit sad that this is going to end soon, however, I was happy to have achieved what I did. I have done 60 laps in just 5 days or 74.4km and so did my dog Cara totaling to almost 150km! This is actually insane especially when I compare the results of this year and last year! I guess it is all about your expectations. You get what you expect. I have really enjoyed this event and I would definitely recommend to anyone to participate and enjoy every minute of it. You can do it!
Birute Molyte, 21st November 2015

Achievements of the IUMNo Finish Line
The International University of Monaco was represented by 64 participants that jointly ran 1055 kilometers or 851 laps – our new record! All along the event, many NGOs such as orphan children from around the world and paraplegic were present to introduce themselves to the public and to present their mission. At the end of this 16th edition, “Children and Future” will sponsor with the 383,179€ collected this edition! Monika, Ilaria and Birute where officially thanked by the university for their involvement and have been ranked among the top 15 participants of the university.

We hope that more students will join this amazing event next year break the km record of this year! Be motivated. Be committed.
See you next year, IUM runners.
Contributors Monika Jagiello, Birute Molyte and Ilaria Pittaluga