MSc in MarketingWith 15 different nationalities on average per class, the Master of Science in Marketing is definitely an international program. The Faculty comes from all over the world and professors are recognized experts in their fields. In addition, emphasis is given on the international aspect of the program through case studies and conferences.

Above all, the curriculum of the MSc in Marketing allows students coming from various background or professionals who would like to change their career path, to integrate the program easily. Indeed the first semester is dedicated to core courses in management, finance and marketing. The second semester focuses more on  the specificities of the marketing industry.

In other words, the Master of Science in Marketing aims at enabling graduates to become innovative managers capable of envisaging and implementing sophisticated strategies in the ever-changing and dynamic world of marketing. In this much sought-after field of business, employers are eager to recruit creative, internationally oriented and well-trained professionals. IUM’s MSc in Marketing prepares candidates to thrive in this ultra-competitive and multicultural workplace.


MSc in Marketing

Michelle, current MSc in Marketing student, comes from a very diverse background being a South African born Cypriot. She has been surrounded by entrepreneurs in family businesses her whole life and feels as though this has given her an entrepreneurial flair. “In addition, I have a passion for marketing, a love for travel, and a need to be challenged.”

Therefore, her career path was very clear and the choice of the MSc in Marketing at IUM as well. This Master of Science greatly prepares students for the professional world. “We are surrounded by more than ten nationalities per class. We have the opportunity to share our culture, point of views and experiences for one year. It is very beneficial. When you enter in a company you cannot choose who your colleagues are. Then, working in group very often prepares us to manage much better our time as in a company you need to stick to deadlines no matter what goes on inside or outside the office.”

“The best advice given by an IUM teacher so far is that anything worth having doesn’t come easy. In other words, hard work will yield an excellent outcome, in any aspect of life.”

Her future plan is to apply her skills, knowledge and practical experiences gained, in a multinational company where she can add to the success of the company.


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