Last week, the students of the Msc in Marketing specialized in Digital Marketing went to the Oceanographic Museum to meet with the Comnunication Director, Mrs. Pauline Hérouan.

MSc Digital Marketing, Oceanographic museum corporate project

As part of the “mobile marketing strategy” course thought by Nicolas Teboul, CEO of Azur Mobile, the MSc in Digital Marketing students are working on a corporate project for the Museum: develop a mobile marketing strategy. While making a tour of the museum, Mrs. Hérouan has introduced them to the museum history, environment, main goals and marketing strategy.


Nicolas first graduated as an engineer in embedded systems from Polytech’Nice-Sophia Antipolis and immediately worked at IBM on real-time location systems. After a successful experience in a technical environment, he decided to switch to a more marketing job position at Red Bull which was penetrating the French market at that time. In this new position, Nicolas was in charge of marketing operations and networking. These experiences, in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit, led him to integrate an MBA program in San Francisco. Coming back from United-States full of entrepreneurial energy, he launched the startup Azur Mobile. Azur Mobile is a company specialized in building custom mobile app solutions for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablets, Windows 7 and Kindle Fire.