MBA - Master of Business Administration

MBA Class of 2015: Business is international, and so should be business education

As a key characteristic of the IUM MBA class is its great international diversity (Also #1 women friendly program by The Economist!) —this year we have 25 students from 17 different countries representing Europe, Asia, the Mid East, the Americas, and Africa!. With such unequaled diversity, the aim of the orientation week is not only to discuss the academic facets of the program, but also to introduce students to the unique aspects of living, working, and networking in Monaco and on the Cote d’Azur. One session will be dedicated to a discussion of our learning philosophy and the different classes and career tracks students would be following throughout the year; Career Services is also presented, followed by an introduction to the library and online research resources. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of some of Monaco’s leading entrepreneurs, government officials, and event organizers, IUM MBA students will also learn about the economic and entrepreneurial dynamism of Monaco; about the institutions and laws governing Monaco; about the unique cultural norms and traditions of the area; and about how and where to network so as to meet members of Monaco’s thriving international business and entrepreneurial community. 

In addition, a session is specifically designed and led by two leadership and development coaches to create and foster team building skills, develop trust in one another, and appreciate the need to balance planning along with rapid decision making. Through a variety of exercises, games, and intellectual challenges, IUM MBA students will quickly absorb the learning and will see the applicability of it to their studies and, more importantly still, to their personal and professional lives.

The orientation week will finally end with a special seminar on Communication & Presentation Skills. The importance of these skills is underscored by recent reports in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere which highlight that corporate recruiters value presentation and communication skills above all else when it comes to hiring MBAs. Through a variety of exercises and improvisations, IUM MBA students will learn how to present and communicate effectively.

A few hours later,the first week will come to a close with the Welcome Get Together Cocktail and Dinner for the entire IUM community. IUM MBA Class of 2015 students will have the opportunity not only to get to know members of the other IUM programs, but also to meet with MBA alumni from previous years. What better way to appreciate the unique learning and networking experience they are about to embark upon!