London Summer SchoolI really enjoyed my experience in London; thanks to the IUM Summer Session, I have discovered a fantastic city, rich in culture, with many things to see. Indeed, with the university, we took several “classes” to learn more about the city. The classes that have described London were “Language and Culture” and “Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk”. In the first one, we were explained the culture of the city, with the difference in dialects and expressions, as well as how it was pronounced. The second class, instead, focused more on the monuments and their meaning; we visited the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, theatre Shakespeare, and we also took a tour of London passing in front of the royal palace. In addition, we visited the cricket stadium, and we heard its history. Since I knew nothing about it, it was really interesting.

I also followed two other classes that were more focused on marketing: “Entrepreneurial Management” and “Advertising & Media”. In the first one, we worked in groups and we were asked to invent a product and explain, step by step, how the product would be sold. In the second class, we were given several different companies for each group, and everyone had to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The other aspect of the program covered the Financial Markets. In fact, in my opinion, it was really important for my university education. Thanks to this, I began to understand what Finance really is. In addition, we had the opportunity to do the BAT Bloomberg test and visited the building where it resides, which was very impressive. Making the test was a bit like testing ourselves, although the results were not the best, at that moment I was happy to be there! As extracurricular experiences, we visited cinemas, shops, and restaurants, including Cacciari’s (in my opinion the best in town). Most of all, this experience has allowed me to meet many people and it helped me a lot with my English. I have learned to be more spontaneous and speak it without fear. To be honest, if I could, I’d sign up for this trip 100 more times because it was such a great experience!

Reported by Martina BAINO, current Bachelor of Science in Business Administration