MBA studentsIf you have at least 3 years of work experience in any field or sector, now eager to embark on a change or to widen your professional perspectives, opportunities and network, the IUM MBA is for you! 

“My MBA at IUM has been a challenging and life changing experience. The three greatest aspects of the program are the international student body, an excellent faculty, and a stimulating curriculum. Working with students from all over the world helped me gain an international perspective on various personal and professional situations. The highly credible and diverse faculty is extremely considerate, supportive, knowledgeable and open to discussion. The condensed yet comprehensive and intensive form of the program not only taught me to cope with but rather to thrive under pressure. The MBA also helps in personal development, leading to amicable and confident graduates. Today, I assertively believe I will be able to realize my dream job with unconstrained success.”

Mandira, Indian, MBA’13

Thus, the IUM MBA program prepares its participants for the challenges of leading positions in major companies around the world. 



MBA-key-figures“The Monaco MBA made the world smaller.

On the one hand, the university is an amazingly international place with people from virtually everywhere. On the other hand, the great number of business contacts I made during the MBA year – including the ones mediated by the Mentorship program – opened doors to new opportunities. When I add to these factors the solid and objective orientation from the faculty (absolutely essential), the challenging Corporate Consulting Projects developed during the program, and the specificity of the Luxury Management path that I chose, I was able to turn my ideas into a plan, and the plan gave birth to my own company, 377 Luxury Lifestyle.

And now is the time when I can really see how rich the experience at IUM had been: I am not only putting into practice what I learned, but mostly I am using it to actually change the context in which I do business. It has been an intense, priceless and life changing experience – and I will always take it with me.”

By Daniel Maior, Brazilian, MBA’11
Business Undergraduate Program Director, UNIFACS (Laureate Educational Group)


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