For two years now, IUM is offering a Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS), a joint degree program with the University for Peace (UPEACE), established in December 1980 by the UN General Assembly as a Treaty Organization.

Prof. Moise Louisy-Louis, coordinator of the MSPS for IUM, has recently met with Mrs. Dina Rodriguez, Head of Distance Learning at The University for Peace.

Dina Rodriguez, Head of Distance Learning at The University for Peace

Dina Rodriguez, Head of Distance Learning at The University for Peace

As the Head of the Department of Distance Education, she is responsible for all online MA Programs (including MSPS); therefore, she interacts a lot with the IUM students as she coordinates all aspects of curriculum, course content, credits and the calendar. Mrs. Rodriguez also keeps control of the academic teaching/learning process and immediately informs IUM, if there are any problems with our students’ progress. She works closely with professors and moderators to design courses and follows up their progress. Finally she continuously discusses various issues with each student when they are at UPEACE campus and she keeps control of their academic and logistical issues through their special offices (Academic Departments, Housing, Visas, etc.).

Prof. Moise Louisy-Louis encourages his students to attend classes on UPEACE’s campus in Costa Rica as it is a fantastic experience and a great opportunity that students should not miss. As Mrs. Rodriguez said “IUM students will be meeting an interesting group of students and professors coming from more than 50 nationalities. The learning experience is unique and very rich”.

In addition, she recommends to MSPS students who want to attend classes on UPEACE’s campus to check which courses align best with their main goals, either related to education, natural strengths, media, human rights, etc. because UPEACE offers a variety of courses related to Peace Studies. So Students should check their website and look at the course offer, descriptions, number of credits and produce their own calendar (They can also make a combination of areas to get a broader sense of the field of peace studies).

In conclusion, she said that “The initiative of a Joint Degree with the International University of Monaco has been rewarding. We had an opportunity to work together with a prestigious institution assisting their students throughout their studies. We had to adapt our courses to their interest and open the doors of our institution to a group of students who are trying to find peace through sports.”


The Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport program is a multidisciplinary program, which seeks to educate and train an elite group of “Engineers for Peace through Sport”, able to harness the potential of sport as a strategic tool dedicated to building and promoting sustainable peace across the globe.

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