Of the 135 schools from around the world which had been invited to participate in the survey and the 100 ultimately selected from this prestigious group, the Monaco Master in Business Administration this year ranks 94th globally, and at number 30 in Europe. We have gained three positions since last year. The IUM MBA has been included in this ranking of the global Top 100 since 2003.

The overall ranking is based on a series of components of varying weights. On a scale of one (best) to 100, the Monaco MBA achieved particularly impressive results in the following core categories:

  • Ranked 13th  for student diversity
    • Ranked 6th for geographical diversity
    • Ranked 16th for gender diversity
    • Ranked 15th for faculty to student ratio
    • Ranked 21st for post-MBA salary
    • Ranked24th for faculty quality

All of these criteria underscore some of the key differentiating factors of the IUM MBA. Its student diversity is highly valued both by students, and, more importantly, by recruiters who are urgently seeking job candidates able to work in dynamic, diverse and multicultural environments.

Our high faculty to student ratio, combined with our high faculty quality, ensures an extremely interactive and customized classroom environment where discussion, debate and applied learning are the norm and not the exception. Thanks to this kind of learning experience, Monaco MBA students not only acquire the basics of management theory and practice but, more significantly, the innovative, strategic, and critical thinking skills so highly sought after and valued by investors and enterprises alike today.

This, no doubt, is one of the reasons for the Monaco MBA’s strong ranking in terms of post MBA salary.  

To view the full rankings please visit The Economist website.