Thanks to Ron Morris, Director of the INSEEC Campus in London, Dinis Guarda, Founder and CEO at Ztudium |IntelligentHQ and Sophie Gironi, Consultant at Bleekin and Professor of Social Media at IUM, this trip will forever be engraved in the Master of Science in Digital Marketing cohort’s experience.

Day 1: Facebook

Who would believe that we were welcomed in London with the sun? Crazy yet true, the trip had a great start! Early morning, Dinis Guarda presented the Career Guide he created for students willing to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. Giving an overview of the London market and how to penetrate it was a good appetizer for our trip.


The Master in Digital Marketing students in front of the Famous Facebook Wall!


Putting theory into practice, we opened the Facebook door and got our badges (through an App. obviously). Everything seemed to be orchestrated: the babyfoot, the hammock.  An amazing thing is that the employees had tee-shirt with creative mottos such as “Done is better than perfect” and others that were inspiring. Welcome to the Facebook universe! Julien Codorniou, Platform Manager UK, escorted us to the 3rd and 4th floor to reach the mythical Wall where we shot dozen of pictures with the recently acquired tee-shirts.

We finalized our visit through a Q&A format with Julien, discovering some of Facebook current challenges: they are struggling to penetrate the Chinese and Russian markets, they are investing a lot in social gaming and they are having different competitors as they are evolve in a multisided market.

Day 2: Level39 and Venturethree

Still not raining! We all met at the entrance of One Canada Square in the business district where we visited Level 39. Opened in March 2013, Level 39 is one of the hippest accelerator spaces at Canary Wharf.

It allows companies to create, test and market their products to some of the world’s largest and most influential technology buyers, investors and mentors.

Digital Marketing is closely connected to branding. That’s why we scheduled to visit Venture three, a branding agency advising Manchester United, Lego, Sky Channels among others. Students were really pleased as they understood how the theory taught in the course Brand Management was applied in real life. The Master of Science in Digital Marketing at IUM is a combination of theory and practice. Sometimes students struggle with theory but they understand later on how useful is it. The benefit of the Master of Science in Digital Marketing takes years to be fully evaluated. I was happy to see the first result in live. After having given their business cards for jobs and internships, students finalized this day with a short debrief with Dinis and Ron.

Day 3: Google Campus

We started our last day at the Inseec Campus where Paul Jenkinson, Managing Director of Jenson Funding Partners was interviewed by Daniel Steeves on the topic of the Impact of Cloud Computing on businesses. Quite interesting experience to be backstage during a web video interview!

Google Campus

Google Campus


Finally, last but not least: Google Campus. This is another DNA. Openspace, but quite different than Facebook!

This first edition of the Digital Marketing Trip was a major success on the whole and will surely be repeated next year. Meeting professionals from the Digital world in an exceptional city such as London is one of many opportunities that IUM’s Master of Science in Digital Marketing has to offer. We hope you will be on-board with us in the near future!


With a strong practical learning approach, the MSc in Digital Marketing has been designed to fulfill the needs of the high growth market of the Web2.0. This Master of Science will guide you to acquire the specific mindset to adapt in this daily evolving environment. 

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