Johannes Pinl, BSc in Business Administration 2004, and CEO & Founder of MARSS Group, was one of the eighteen speakers of the second edition of the TedxMonteCarlo.

TEDxMonteCarlo 2017Grimaldi Forum, November 11th, 2017

Founded by Nazanine Matin, IUM MBA Alumna 2014, TEDxMonteCarlo is back with the intriguing theme of License to Know. Artificial intelligence and its future, cyber security, personal safety & security, ways to protect our privacy when using social media, putting health and patients at the center of the healthcare system, exploring the unknown and the endless opportunities at our finger tips, were some of the topics explored last Saturday.

On this years theme of “License to Know”, Johannes gave us an insight into how the proliferation of sensors combined with smart software is a powerful combination with implications for both surveillance and privacy. During his talk he was able to collect data on over 1000 devices within the venue. Using this data he created a geographical picture of an individual which showed where they had travelled, stayed, eaten or worked based on historic wifi network data. Although none of this data is personally identifiable and complete, it illustrates how much our devices know about us and share unwittingly. The takeaway: Our phones, smart watches, fitness bracelets and other smart-devices all form part of a future smart surveillance network. This probably will diminish our privacy. On the flip side it will allow us to identify people anytime and therefore increase security for us all.

The MBA students from IUM were invited to attend this great event.

TedXMontecarlo was an amazing venue, I am speechless and couldn’t thanks the University of Monaco enough and first Dr Marika Taishoff, for this amazing opportunity, I am very proud of Nazanine Matin, MBA, who organized it, she is an amazing friend at heart and make people genuinely and naturally come together, Also seeing Alicia Sedgwick our professor hosting this venue was a true entertaining fantastic time, the guests were all interesting, I have learned a lot from it. All the MBA team joins me here to congratulate all participants, intervenants, and amazing volunteers! now we have to say that we can’t wait for the next one! said Julien Zuccolin



Johannes Pinl

As a student, Johannes was the driving force in establishing an association working with like-minded students to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions.

He set up his first business at age 22 and has survived five finance rounds, two trade sales and one management buyout. Twelve years ago, Johannes established MARSS with a vision to bring smart technology to the inherently conservative maritime security, safety and defense markets.

Johannes is driven by a desire to build products and businesses by generating new ideas and pushing technology boundaries. He sees the potential in increasing computing power, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things to look beyond the status quo and make the world a smarter place.



TEDxMonteCarlo is a full-day conference that takes place once a year in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. It is designed to give our community, organizations and individuals the opportunity to spark conversations and share ideas through TED-like experiences at the local level.


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