Thanks to the motivation, the dedication and the hard work of IUM MBA students and IUM friends, Monaco has hosted its first TEDx Event. TEDxIUM 



On the topic ‘Small is the New Big’, academics, scientists, international doctors, entrepreneurs, renowned filmmaker and world-renowned photojournalist shared their personal experience, their “small” and humble contributions. They all encouraged people to follow their passion and to think differently, to foster ideas that can change our world if shared by a global collective mindset.


Dr. Bassem Kamar, IUM Professor of Economics

No idea, no commitment, no donation is too small to make a real impact in the life of those in need, a topic in common with IUM Professor Bassem Kamar’s talk about the Association “Eva pour la vie”, or the comments made by Nick Danziger (world renowned photojournalist and filmmaker) on his superb photos during the final talk of the day.

Matthieu Ricard, who participated via video conference, is a renowned Buddhist who has written many books on happiness and altruism. He also called for a more generous “collective awareness”.

Sharing ideas that can make the world better, inspiring TED fans who are accustomed to follow the best speeches in the world, were big ambitions for a first and small TEDx.

This event would not have been possible without its contributors.

Bravo to Nazanine Matin, TEDx Licencee and curator who has originated and has brought this project to life

Bravo to IUM students and IUM friends for their professionalism and commitment

Bravo to Alicia Sedgwick, IUM teacher, brilliant in her role as Host and Master of Ceremonies

Bravo to our IUM Professors who made inspiring speeches, Bassem Kamar, Marika Taishoff and Ingo Bobel

Bravo to all the speakers who shared their passion with humility and generosity

and a Big thank you to the sponsors, the various other contributors and partners, and to the participants for the positive and collective energy that made this TEDxIUM a reality.