All Master students got off to a fun team building day on September 9th.

The aim of the event was to forge a true sense of camaraderie amongst members of the master programs. Indeed, the master students are part of six different programs: MSc in Luxury Management, MSc in Finance, MSc in International Management, MSc in Marketing, MSc in Sport Business Management and MA in Peace through Sport.

Best Team Name contest

The 1st challenge was to choose a name for their team. The most creative name prize was given to the “Flamingo Finance”, a team of MSc in Finance students. Who said that finance people can’t be creative!?

Best T-shirt contest

The 2nd part of this team building day was creative as they had to customize a t-shirt for their team in using pencils, piece of fabric, ribbons, buttons, etc. Creativity was definitely in the air! 

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Selfie Contest

Finally, 25 teams had the opportunity to discover Monaco in a fun way. Thus, in teams of 4/5, they had to take pictures in front of different places in Monaco such as the Oceanographic Museum, the Exotic Garden, the Casino, the Cathedral of Monaco, and the Prince’s Palace. It was a way for them to get to know each other a bit more and handle cultural differences in working together!

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