IUM runs No Finish Line and steps for children

Reporting from Monaco, Professor Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

Once again the IUM community teamed up for a great cause. This year’s edition of the No Finish Line was headquartered on Monaco’s Port Hercule from November 12 to 20.

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The No Finish Line initiative permits to raise funds for Children & Future, a not-for-profit organization which seeks to raise awareness about child abuse and fund various projects aimed at protecting or giving a brighter future to unprivileged children. The No Finish Line is perhaps the organization’s most visible event. Over 8 consecutive days, individuals or teams walk, run, or relay (24/7) in order to accumulate the greatest distance as private donors contribute a euro for every kilometer. In 10 years the initiative has welcomed more than 30,000 participants who have accumulated more than 750,000 km (the organization has raised more than €830,000 to date). In 2011, the IUM community’s modest contribution has helped break the record since 223,644 km have been accumulated this year (compared to 168,992 km a year ago).

Between November 12 and 20, IUM students, staff, faculty, and friends relayed and participated either individually or in groups. Celine and Michelle (respectively Head of website development and Alumni relations, and professor of finance) were seen on the track. In particular, Michelle proudly accumulated 50 km. Tsegezab, a student enrolled in the Master Sustainable Peace through Sport program and former top contender in 5 and 10 km races in Eritrea, swallowed more than 82 km in just five days (a great performance which leaves us speechless!!!).

Animated by the same (but more reasonable) spirit, a small team gathered on Friday November 17 in the evening and braved the chilly weather. Together, Nadine, Ines, Klaus and Moïse accumulated roughly 50 km in just 90 min. During the run, the participants had great fun and experienced hilarious situations. While running, some participants managed to better their language skills. It appears that one can learn German’s basic survival words in a matter of minutes (obviously knowing the minimum seduction vocabulary is more vital for some than others…). Moreover, the team nearly bumped into a prisoner. In fact, he was not breaking away but was a participant disguised as a prisoner, wearing black and white stripes, and even dragging ball and chain!!! At last, the IUM squad enjoyed the fruits and snacks offered to participants and the wonderful fireworks which were organized in relation to Monaco’s National Day.