“The Monaco MBA was a beautiful combination of class diversity, fabulous location and experienced professors. A business school

nishant bangar

nishant bangar

should be able to teach you from not just books but also life experiences of others. That is the art that International University of Monaco perfects at. Add to it gaining your own experience of living in one of the best destinations for luxury. There couldn’t have been a better choice for me.”

Nishant Bangar, MBA 2011

Mumbai, India
“I started my life in Monaco with an understanding of just two words: “International University of Monaco” and “Luxury”. Couple of months down the line, the world has become a tree of opportunities for me. And with a platform like IUM to help and prepare me to explore these opportunities, it’s not a small world anymore and Monaco is not anymore a small country.”

 Vineeta Saini, MBA 2013

New Delhi, India

“Monaco has been very different from my ideas developed from watching movies and reading books about it. While it is a major luxury hub it still maintains the unique coziness of a small town. IUM has been a fantastic experience so far both challenging and rewarding. The best part is the fact that I now have 23 new friends from 15 different countries!!!!”

Sneha Tauro, MBA 2013

Mumbai, India


Staff and students, the International University of Monaco, Monaco, Tuesday 14 September 2010


“Not only are you going to have a thrilling experience at IUM but it will be a life-changing experience with your peers from different nationalities. We look forward to welcoming you to Monaco very soon!”

Leila Bello

Director of Admissions