On December 3rd and 4th, 2012 the students from the Master in International Business and Global Affairs (MIBGA) and from the Master in International Business and Trade (MIBTRADE) went to Brussels to visit the European institutions, in the framework of their class on the European Union. On the first morning, they visited the European Parliament, which is also called the “Voice of the People”, with its members directly elected by populations in the 27 Member States, and which is one of the two decision-making bodies of the EU.

Then in the afternoon, they went to the European Commission, where two speakers delivered an interesting lecture on the European institutions and decision-making system, and on the EU competition policy. Students were thus able to improve their knowledge of the EU integration process, through concrete examples and through a detailed explanation of the roles of the different institutions. On the second day, students were welcomed by Jean-Pierre Bugada, at the UN Regional Information Centre in Brussels, where they discovered the role and the activities of the different bodies of the UN which are present in Brussels, and their links with the European Institutions. But of course, they did not forget to enjoy Brussels’ magnificent Grand-Place, its good cooking and famous chocolates and beers!