The MSc in International Management spent two weeks in San Francisco, welcomed by our partner: INSEEC U.

Study Trip to San Francisco - MSc in International Management

This two-week learning expedition has been designed to introduce the Master in International Management students to the Bay Area Innovation Ecosystem in a meaningful way that has allowed them to leverage this experience in their present/future managerial roles.

The common thread of this study trip was Design Thinking and its implications on human-centered business innovation.

The program included high -level lectures and workshops delivered by industry experts and visits to local tech companies, startups, and accelerators.

For instance they visited Berkeley University where they attended two presentations:

  • by Alic Chen, partner and co-founder of Citris Foundry, incubator of Berkeley;
  • by Gigi Wang, industry fellow and faculty at Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley on Successful innovation starts with mindset.

On INSEEC U Campus, Jerem Febvre, CEO and founder of Sublime, a leading tech solution for High-Impact non-intrusive digital advertising, shared his story with our students. He explained how a French Ad tech company which he started from scratch in Paris moved successfully to the US.

The Master in International Management also enjoyed a tour of the Silicon Valley. They visited Stanford campus, Facebook, Plug & Play, Blue Planet Ecosystem, and You Space.

Barbara Meyer, HR Consultant at NewTechWorld, also explained them how the San Francisco Bay is managed and the challenges faced and the solutions found.

Outings has also been organized to allow the student to enjoy the local culture and leisure activities. They visited the famous Gloden Gate Bridge and had the chance to support the SF Giants during one of their Baseball game.


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