What’s the best country to study and experience luxury mindset and lifestyle? Monaco, no doubt about that!

study and experience luxury mindset and lifestyle - jacopo-silvestri“I decided to pursue the prestigious Master of Science in Luxury Management at IUM for different reasons, among them: the chance to learn from real professionals within the luxury business; the rigorous and detailed learning path you go through throughout the academic year; the chance of analyzing real marketing strategies you study in class and you see in-store or in adv.

Each class you attend is very well-tailored: you study subjects from luxury marketing and luxury selling ceremony to finance and ethic within the luxury industry. Basically, they are giving you the chance to see each business unit within a luxury company in order to be able to cope with any issue you might encounter (and basically to become the next CEO!).

Moreover, and perhaps the best thing I’ve learned from IUM, is the experience I gained thanks to career seminaries (where headhunters and professionals explain and train yourself in what actually the market needs in the luxury business nowadays in terms of hard and soft skills). They give you all the proper information to overcome every job interview you might come across. Every time you go through a job interview you feel at your ease (I signed for a job couple of months before the end of classes because I actually was ready to any possible question).

If you want to become a real leader in the luxury industry no doubt you have to study at IUM!”

Jacopo SILVESTRI, MSc in Luxury Management 2016 

Made to Measure Promoter and Made to Order Collection Coordinator, Ermenegildo Zegna, Switzerland 


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