Written by Marine, current BSBA student

Amazing weather? Checked! Ski outfit ? Checked! What did we miss during our ski trip? All those who could not make it! For those reading and who were not parts of the trip here is a little summary of our great weekend in Isola 2000 where having fun was the only thing we had to worry about!

Departure Friday March 18, of course we left an hour late otherwise what kind of IUM would it be?! As soon as we got to Isola 2000 the group of 17 IUMers rushed to the restaurant (we were 2 hours late!) and found out the reservation was cancelled because of our lateness! Fortunately a solution was found and the group enjoyed the rest of the night eating cheeseburgers and playing mini bowling!

Next day everybody, more or less, was ready to ski and enjoyed the amazing weather. Slopes were perfect and everybody had the opportunity to have fun or to learn for those who had their first time on snow! The experimented skiers or snowboarders took some time to teach their classmates who were first timers. At the end of the day we were all very sore but also very happy of the great day we had.

Later that evening it started snowing, making our ski trip even more perfect than it already was! After having dinner all together the group gathered in one of the rooms and celebrated Jean-Dominique’s birthday. Next morning we all woke up to a great weather again and brand new snow which was very much appreciated by those who were not too sore to keep skiing!!! Those who decided not to ski on the Sunday had the opportunity to relax and tan on the terraces of the cafes facing the slopes.

At 5:00pm the group left with great memories of the weekend.

Thank you Dario, Danielle, Koko, Noel, Florian, Davide, Jean-Dominique, Alex, Cristian, Heidi, Graziella, Nadia, Danielle, Aisha, Tas, Nicolas and Marine for this great weekend!!!!