Last Saturday, a few IUM students participated in our Provence Experience day, with the intention of becoming more familiar with the French Riviera and its culture, and we got to enjoy some of the great things France has to offer.

Our day started out in St. Jeannette, where Classe Gourmand is located, an organization committed to teaching the French language through culinary activities.

Here, we had a cooking lesson, and we were taught how to create a beautiful vegetable lasagne and an interesting pumpkin tiramisu (which is surprisingly tasty!). Using all organic vegetables from their gardens, and learning various cooking tips and tricks along the way, we all managed to make food we all enjoyed. During our time there, we took a tour of their extensive property, which included gardens, some farm animals, and a great view of the hills.

We left St. Jeannette and headed to St. Paul de Vence, where we enjoyed champagne with the town’s local connoisseur. We had the opportunity to taste six different kinds of champagne, both local and commercial, and learned how to identify the quality and subtleties that define each one. Our guide was a delight, and we enjoyed the champagne and conversation with him for quite some time.

When we finally decided to leave, we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant nearby that offers not only wonderful food and fantastic service, but some interesting pieces of art, including early original artwork from Picasso.
It was a day full of fun and interesting experiences! Thank you IUM!