Sixty enthusiastic students were excited about the Harvard style case discussion of the Dutch Flower Cluster by partner Prof. Fred van Eenennaam of The Decision Institute and Prof. Ingo Böbel of the International University of Monaco. Prof. Ingo Böbel quoted: “The discussion was really dynamic, insightful and mind opening! This was one of the best lectures we ever had in our MBA-MOC-Program.”
Dutch Flower Cluster Case and MoC

The Dutch Flower Cluster Case receives a lot of attention and has been taught in numerous universities all over the world in 2013, as stated by Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MoC) affiliates. Furthermore, the case is one of the top ten cases taught by Prof. Michael Porter. His MoC network of around 100 universities and around 200 academics including highly renowned universities like Harvard Business School was started from HBS’s Institute for Strategy & Competitiveness. The MoC network disseminates the theories on the competitive advantage of clusters and is still expanding. The Decision Institute was one of the founding members of the European Chapter of MoC in August 2011, to which the International University of Monaco is an affiliate as well.


Prof. Dr. Ingo Bobel, Dr. Antonella Patras and Prof. Dr. Fred van Eennenaam in front of International University of Monaco