Prof. KamarProf. Bassem Kamar, IUM Director of Research Dissemination, attended the Mediterranean Economic Week held in Marseille in November 2013. He participated in the discussions of the “9th Economic Rendezvous of the Mediterranean” organized by Institute of the Mediterranean in collaboration with the Circle of Economists. The topic of the conference was “For a Mediterranean of Creativity and Innovation: an ambition for the Youth”.

It brought together some 350 participants around thirty speakers, in particular, the political officials and administrative leaders concerned with the subject, academic researchers of the Circle of Economists, the Institute of the Mediterranean / FEMISE, businesses, banks and employers’ organizations from both sides of the Mediterranean, experts from the European Commission and major multilateral organizations, in particular the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank (WB), the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and the Office of Economic Cooperation for the Mediterranean and the Orient (OCEMO). The event was also attended by the new leaders who were elected in the Southern countries as well as some of the representatives of the youth movements, and major media commentators of the national press and the Euro Mediterranean media.