The meeting’s purpose was to discuss the results and policy implications of this three-year EUR 3 million interdisciplinary research project funded under the EU’s 7th Framework Program and coordinated by the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Prof. Kamar intervened as panelist for Session 3 “Scenarios for Economic and EuroMed Cooperation in 2030”.

The conference was attended by high-level representatives of the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation, DG Development and Cooperation), the Union for the Mediterranean, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, the European Institute of the Mediterranean, the European Investment Bank, numerous international think-tanks and the 17 research institutes of the MEDPRO consortium.

The aim of MEDPRO was to contribute to the reform process in the political, economic and social agendas in the Mediterranean by broadening the level of knowledge on the interplay between the diverse set of challenges and providing deep insights into the prospected policy options and their outcomes.image001-2