I’ve learned at IUM that it is crucial to be yourself and never be afraid of the out-of-the-box thinking.

Meet with Anastazja Stachwiuk, MSc in Luxury Management 2021, Polish, Brand Management specialization.

Anastazja Stachwiuk, perspective with the MSc in Luxury ManagementHow did you come about the idea of studying abroad?

Before enrolling in IUM, I was a student of two international universities where I caught a glimpse of what it is like to be a part of the multicultural environment and how much it broadens intellectual and social horizons. I think that sharing the work with people from different countries and different backgrounds significantly expands the perspective and helps to come up with unconventional, creative ideas. That is why I decided to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone to do my master’s studies in a foreign country.

Why did you choose Monaco, IUM, and this program?

I was visiting Monaco five years ago, and I fell in love with its atmosphere. From that point, I knew that I wanted to study there. Also, there is no better place to learn about the luxury market than Monaco!

What are your key takeaways from this program?

The experience at the IUM not only significantly enriched my knowledge but also allowed me to meet inspiring people with whom I could share my passion and motivation to develop some fantastic projects outside the university. I enjoyed the fact that we were always encouraged by our professors to work on real-life cases to learn the application of the theory we have learned in class. Also, the course helped me to improve my presentational skills and taught me how to prepare convincing proposals for companies and shape ideas in an efficient and visually pleasing way.

The experiential learning approach is at the core of IUM’s strategy. Master programs provide traditional classroom learning in combination with hands-on learning opportunities. How was it in your program this year with this COVID-19 situation?

Undoubtedly COVID-19 was an unexpected situation, but as they say, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity. Online studies taught me that flexibility and quick thinking are crucial at work because you never know when technology will make a trick on you (I need to admit that I lost some battles with Skype Business and Zoom). Also, I love the fact that IUM encourages entrepreneurship among its students (which is extremely important in COVID-19 times when the job market is one big unknown). I was fortunate to meet at my course three inspiring and extremely dynamic girls with whom I joined the Mark Challenge with a very unconventional (some would say controversial) idea. After receiving exceptional support from our program director, we managed to get to the final round. Despite all odds with coronavirus, the whole journey with that competition was an unforgettable experience.

What are your plans for the future? And what advice do you give to people who decide to do this master?

Although I am a control freak, and I like to plan at least five years, looking at the crazy times we live in, it is complicated to predict what the future holds. At the moment, I am working on some creative projects with my amazing team, so I am very excited about that. Also, after graduation, I would like to pursue Ph.D. studies.

I’ve learned at IUM that it is crucial to be yourself and never be afraid of the out-of-the-box thinking. Additionally, based on my personal experience, I’ve learned that despite all the crazy ambition, work-life balance is an essential aspect. My advice to people who decide to do this master is to dream big, work even harder, and do not forget to have some fun to fully experience incredible Monaco.


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