In a few days, all courses at all levels were moved online!

Pedagogical and research Continuity - Mariateresa Torchia, IUM Professor of Management and GovernanceSince the IUM premises closed to students and staff because of the Covid-19 crisis, professors and administrative staff have been mobilized to ensure our pedagogical continuity and to accompany students in the most efficient way possible.

Ensuring Pedagogical Continuity

In a few days, all courses at all levels (Undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, and DBA) were moved online. That made possible to continue all teaching activities without interruption.

All students continue to follow their courses via the platforms that our IT team has reinforced in the last weeks. The IT team has implemented a “faculty room” where multiple resources are available to professors to guide them through this critical transition.

Every week professors teaching in the different programs meet “virtually” to share best practices and discuss possible challenges. All our students adopted the online method in a very short amount of time, and our professors are impressed by the engagement that students have shown.

The challenges for us has been not only to put courses online but also to be coherent with our pedagogical philosophy which is much focused on students’ engagement and active learning. Professors and students have been accompanied closely in all technical and pedagogical concerns, and so far, both professors and students are satisfied.

From the Research Side

With many conferences and in-person meetings canceled or postponed, we wish to make sure that our researchers can continue to communicate their latest work to their peers. We are organizing online seminars were our researchers meet regularly, with speakers presenting their recent works with time for questions afterward. Moreover, our research activity of writing academic articles, reviews for the scientific community, doing editorial tasks is going as before.

By Mariateresa Torchia, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Management & Co-Director of Research


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