Reporting from Monaco, Professor Moïse LOUISY-LOUIS

Students enrolled in the Master in Sustainable Peace through Sport (MSPS) and the Master in Sport Business Management (MSBM) took great pleasure in attending this year’s edition of the P

eace and Sport’s Annual International Forum, which gathered nearly 500 individuals.

Between October 26 and 28, students and faculty had the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals of great quality, whether Head of State, Ministers, Presidents of Sport Federations, or representatives of organizations actively involved in peace and/or sport endeavors. The forum, being organized in several workshops, has allowed students to participate in debates, ask questions and learn from experts of the worlds of peace and sport. For instance, Hossam (Egyptian), who is enrolled in the MSPS program, participated with great enthusiasm in the workshop addressing the Middle East conflict, which is with no doubt a topic dear to his heart.

His classmates, Jacquelyn (US), Dana (Czech), David (US) and professor Rinaldi-Larribe followed the session dedicated to disability sports. Students were overall impressed by the energy and charisma exhibited by the panelists who shared their experience and views about the role of disability sport in the peace-building process.

Tsegezab (Eritrean), Etienne (French) and professor Louisy-Louis attended the workshop which addressed how sport can be used as “an effective tool in overcoming trauma following natural disaster.” The debate was again of great quality as the moderator, Ms. Margaret Talbot (President of ICSSPE) and the accompanying team of experts discussed best practices from previous interventions and help participants better understand the challenges faced by NGOs and federations on the field.
Also present at the Fairmont Hotel for the event, Dr. Antonella Patras, IUM’s Dean, closely followed the panel discussing the role of sport in challenging urban environments.