The reason I chose the program is because it was able to merge my passion for humanities with my desire to learn more about business in a more natural way, versus studying for an MBA which contains more hard sciences.

I learned quite a lot academically – particularly pertaining to business acumen, but what I enjoyed most was meeting a wide variety of people and learning about their cultures. This can be applied to the workplace as any work environment can be extraordinarily diverse in people. For myself, in an international organization, it is also important to recognize and respect other cultures and that is a very important skill to develop in life.

Currently I’m working at an advertising agency (Ogilvy) for American Express in Canada. I work on the account side, so my role focuses on managing clients and projects, effectively communicating creative ideas between clients and my creative teams, and executing an assortment of communications materials (such as websites, emails, direct mail packs, new product launches, etc.).

By Nicole Dong, Canadian, Account Executive, Ogilvy & Mather, Canada