It’s Monday and we’re all recovering from the Forum…two days of talks and speeches, endless networking coffee breaks and two fabulous dinners. It was tremendous fun, with Stelios being my favourite. He was fab – who else would stand up on the stage and say they only became an entrepreneur because they had a rich father! At least he was honest, even if it made me wonder at my own possibilities of being a successful entrepreneur. There were some other great inspiring speakers, one of my favourites was David Taylor from Monaco Telecom, who said he had been inspired by his father who was also an entrepreneur, and I had a vision of him as a small boy at home running around his father’s ankles while he planned world domination. Maybe it was because we’re fellow Brits that I enjoyed what he had to say!

There was lots of good advice on offer if you fancy opening up your own business on the Riviera, including Monaco stalwart Judy Churchill, who gave some top tips on how to start up both in Monaco and on the Riviera. She was in demand during the coffee breaks, with our students queuing up to speak to her for advice.

And finally we have to talk about the pitch presentations, they were inspiring but sometimes they made me cringe: you know when someone is asked a question by the panel and they don’t know the answer…they want the earth to open up and swallow them, and I did too. However they were all thoroughly inspiring, and well done to the TWO winners: ECL and Kolpi. They were so good we can’t have just one winner.

Anyway we’re all super excited to be featuring on TV, you can catch up with events here:

(it starts 4.35mins in).

See you soon!