We are happy to officially announce that the « Universidad del CEMA » (UCEMA), Buenos Aires, Argentina is now one of our Exchange partners!

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Business School of the « Universidad del CEMA » is a renowned institution offering the following degrees:

Undergraduate Programs
– Business Administration
– Economics
– Political Science
– Engineering in Information Systems
– Public Accountant
– Marketing
– International Relations

Graduates Programs
– PhD in Business Administration
– Master in Economics
– PhD in Economics
– Master in Finance
– PhD in Finance
– Master in Agribusiness
– Master in Political Science
– Master in Project Evaluation

Last November, the Universidad del CEMA was ranked by Deloitte as the best Business School in Argentina.

– More information regarding the Universidad del CEMA: http://www.cema.edu.ar/foreign/about_us.php
– More information regarding Exchange program: http://www.cema.edu.ar/foreign/exchange.php