As part of the Alumni career follow up program, IUM ensures it stays up to date with the careers of its alumni.

To this end, IUM recently met with Eva Maria Schmack, MSC in Luxury Management 2015, who is currently working as Brand Marketing Executive at Chalhoub Group for Fashion Ventures.

MSc in Luxury Management - Fashion & Accessories - SCHMACK Eva MariaHere, she gives us her insights on how IUM prepared her to work in the luxury industry.

“The MSc in Luxury Management program prepared me for the international luxury retail industry. We gained knowledge from our excellent professors and insight from experienced business professionals invited at IUM. We also worked on several corporate projects such as Burberry. In class, we analyzed trends and sectors of the industry. For instance, we organized the buying for a whole season based on stores performance and availability of products.

Not only we worked on corporate projects with international companies but we also had direct link with luxury professionals in Monaco. We received exclusive access to events such as the Monaco Yacht Show in September or the grand opening of the Monaco Yacht Club in June.

All of these elements made me secure a marketing position for the biggest luxury retailer in the Middle East dealing with 14 countries and their headquarters in Europe.

Monaco is the epicenter of luxury and prepared me personally but also professionally for my career in the best possible way.”


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Since 2006 IUM has developed its MSc Luxury Management taking into consideration the needs of an ever-evolving segment working closely with big groups and emerging brands.
The program is designed to give to our students strong foundations in Luxury Management making them understand the theoretical framework, the principles of the dynamics of luxury, the luxury customers, and the luxury codes.

Thanks to 13 years of experience and a strong legitimacy from the territory, the MSc in Luxury Management managed to train more than 600 international students now working all over the world in all imaginable luxury sectors at all levels.