MSc in Sport Business Management internships are this year again very diversified in term of position and location!

Students are entering in the last phase of their master curriculum. Placement data indicates that 95% of Master students decided to complete an internship for their capstone project (final master project where students can choose between thesis, applied project or internship). Half of the students who decided to follow the path of internship search have already started their internship, and IUM is proud to say that its students found internships which reflect the core hearth of their studies’ specializations. This year our students are interning in many international renowned companies located particularly in Monaco, France, Asia, Middle East and the US depending on their specialization.

We have met with two of our students who have started their internships in different sport industries.

Desislava Peycheva, Bulgarian, Intern at Venturi

As a haven for extraordinary sport experience and creativeness, Monaco is the best place for students who are purchasing a career in the Sport World. The master program in sport management gave me the opportunity to expand more my knowledge and experience, by visiting different sport companies, organizations and federations. Moreover, our professors were people with huge professional background and experience, which was a key factor for better understanding of the Sport industry. The program was filled with interesting subjects, which inspired your imagination and creative thinking. For me, IUM was an unforgettable experience, a place where I met many interesting people and created long-lasting relationships.

As a former athlete with Master in sport management, I want to develop and work in the Sport sector.

MSc in Sport Business Management internships

Florent Boas, French, Intern at UIPM – Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne

Doing my MSc. in Sports Business Management at IUM was probably one of the best choices I have made in my academic curriculum. Not only have I gained academic and practical knowledge from some of the most experienced specialists of the industry but I also had the chance to apply them directly on the field during major global events such as the Monte-Carlo Tennis Masters or the F1 Grand Prix. I had the chance to meet and collaborate with people from all around the world and to grow a wide diverse network required to start a global career.

IUM is proud of their great start in their professional career!


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