The MSc in Management students traveled to Geneva to attend CREA Geneva’s 7th edition of Digital Day.

For the past eight years, CREA Digital Day has brought together a mixture of creative individuals in the fields of marketing, communications, and digital. It is a day of, “learning from people who do it well,” as Toto Ellis, Head of Strategy for DROGA 5, said at 2015’s edition.

“The Digital Day combines academic knowledge with the insight of the experts from the field”, said Marjorie Bertschy, Director of MSc in Management at the International University of Monaco. “This mixture of academics and professionals is what makes the difference for students.” The collaboration between the International University of Monaco and CREA Geneve provides practical teaching and allows students to be immersed into the world of digital expertise during the Digital Day and additional courses at CREA Geneva.

MSc in ManagementDay 1
 – On the morning, students visited the Innovation Center HP Enterprise which allowed them to see the latest developments on facial recognition technology (mainly for retail purposes), the augmented reality (for communication, marketing and entertainment) and the first connected Nespresso machine. Such an enthusiastic and enriching day for our students!

In the afternoon, they have met with Guillaume Pahud, Consultant and Founder of Dotstories, who talked about “Richemont Digital Transformation, from the origin to today”. 

Day 2
 – Digital Transformation was this year’s ‘hot’ topic, focusing on what is the best way to approach it for businesses and entrepreneurs, explained René Engelmann, Director of CREA Geneva and development of the INSEEC Group in Switzerland.  It wasn’t an average conference, striving to spark student’s imagination through creativity and innovation, CREA’s Digital Day goes above and beyond, and we mean that quite literally. This year, for example, Laurent Alexandre, CEO at DNAVision, gave a speech on neuro-revolution. The recent important development on neurotechnologies raises a lot of questions which concern the entire humanity: the artificial intelligence and its limit; how to master it; ethical issues; what about our own biological brain, etc. This conference let the audience speechless and with a lot of questions in their mind! 

“What I like most about the Digital Day is that it combines all the aspects of digital, bringing together specialists, industry influencers like Alexandre, and networking opportunities. Covering the total digital industry and helping students understand where they want to work and the endless opportunities they have,” Marjorie Bertschy, explained. “It is not just a technical learning experience but also cultural, students from Geneva have a completely different way of thinking, how to work with others is another invaluable experience for students.”


Day 3 – Philippe Deltenre, Digital Strategy Director at IPG Media Brands, professor at IUM and guest lecturer for CREA Geneva, talked about digital trends. “The students were really happy because prof. Delterne goes outside of the box, his professionalism puts students in high-level professional conditions”, Marjorie Bertschy enthusiastically Deltenre attends conferences all over the world and he shared his experiences during a private course on digital trends to IUM students who attended at this year’s conference.


Digital Day 2017 was a success, bringing together 500 like-minded professionals. A Master’s in Management at IUM is filled with exciting events like Digital Day and provides opportunities for students to land careers with brands such as Ferrari, Ogilvy & Mather UK, L’Oreal US, Proxicom, Sisley, and Jimmy Choo.


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