Every year, IUM organizes a business trip to give students the opportunity to experience firsthand how companies work nowadays. 

This year, the MSc in Management (Sport Business Management, International Management and Marketing) business trip was set in northern Italy. During three days, they had the chance and the pleasure to visit several excellent businesses and meet with inspiring professionals. 


Business Trip - FerrariThey started the Business Trip by a unique and incredible visit of the emblematic brand Ferrari. Dennis de Munck, Director Talent Acquisition & Development, Michele Comelli, Head of Retail Marketing, and Fabio Meneghetti, intern CRM welcomed the students and described Ferrari business & organization. 

“I discovered more about the unique marketing strategy that Ferrari implements. Also I better understood the link between brand, heritage and luxury and the conference highlighted the difficulties to maintain balance between necessary creative freedom and customer expectations.”  

Then, the visit of the production chain was a unique opportunity, as it made them discover the focus placed by the company to efficiency, attention to detail and sustainability, as well as the creation of a sustainable working environment. Finally the visit to the museum was useful to understand the connection between Past and Present of the brand. 

During this stimulating day, students also worked on a real case study: create an event to attract new customers to buy the new Ferrari. Thank you Ferrari for opening your door and sharing that much with our students! 

On the 2nd day, they visited Campari, and met with Mariya Minkova, Global Travel Retailer, who explained them how a little idea can become a brand exported all over the world. It was very informative to see the development of the brand over time and how it has evolved. The visit to the exhibition area has been particularly valuable for pointing out how the company has played an important role in the past, also in the social context.

“Campari was really interesting! I did not realize they had such a connection with the Art world”. 

Business Trip

Then, they went to Casa Milan (Headquarter of the famous soccer team AC Milan) and met with Marco Amato, Director of Casa Milan, who presented the value of the brand AC Milan. The visit of Casa Milan was a good opportunity to see that a sport team can be manage as a brand and can actually become a brand. It was also amazing to see how they engage their fans through Casa Milan (with its museum, boutiques, etc.). Marco Amato also explained the current unsatisfactory performance of Italian football system and the difficulties that they currently face as a club, which is not something managers are usually happy to discuss!

“In Casa Milan, I took a lot of good ideas about how to attract more new customers or how to collaborate with them. In addition, this very useful experience has enriched my thinking about business world, connections and development.”

Business Trip - Casa Milan AC

Their last day took place at POLI.design (Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano operating in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions and bodies), our partner. They met with by Davide Leo, Marketing and Advertising Consultant and Contractor at Malcolm Tyler, a marketing agency in Milan who presented his job: how to redesign branding identity, from the beginning (how to implement the marketing strategy) until the creative part (images, advert, etc). As an example, he took the famous brand, Sergio Tacchini, which they have helped redesigning their branding identity. 

Then, Federico Merlo, CRM at Versace, described the role of a Customer Relationship Manager: someone who knows their customer’s needs, wishes and dreams. He should be well versed in the value delivered to customers and the problems customers are trying to solve. He should not only being able to solve customer requests but will proactively offer ideas and insights to improve the customer’s issues and challenges. The customer relationship manager will follow up on every issue and ensure complete satisfaction and maximum utilization of the product or services sold to customers. It’s a key position in a company.

“If you’re looking for amazing and diversified experiences, you will find many of it at IUM. For sure, the Business Trip is one of the greatest opportunities students have during the year.”  


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