MSc-Luxury-Management-alumnaJessica, MSc in Luxury Management alumna 2014, is now Marketing Executive at Chalhoub Group, in the Ralph Lauren & Denim Division for the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, based in Dubai. She is part of the marketing and communication team for the Ralph Lauren and the Denim Division across Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Her main goal is to increase the brand awareness (and maintain relevance) among the right target markets.


  • 10-months courses + 4/6-months internship
  • 60 US Credit (120 ECTS Credits)
  • 2 Intakes: September or January
  • Exists since 2006
  • Study trips in the most relevant luxury capitals
  • Applied Corporate Projects
  • Networking activities and events: Luxury Seminars, Business Conferences

Which skills or experience did you acquire during your MSc in Luxury Management that are useful in your current job and in the industry you are working in?

The MSc in luxury Management program at IUM has enhanced my time management and planning, critical thinking, presentation skills and leadership experience.

For marketing in particular, the subject content included matching academic models with real life case studies and encouraged me to look at innovative strategies to overcome the opportunities and difficulties mentioned. Rigorous practice of these activities is very helpful, as in a marketing role you are constantly going through similar activities and faced with similar questions, so it’s good to have a clear structure to follow to add value to the method and outcome.

IUM also has a class on social media which is really ahead of its time, particularly as luxury brands are only now just starting to accept the social media landscape and partnering with bloggers. We looked deeper at the consumers behind the bloggers, analyzed their impact (negative or positive) and longevity.

Finally, as student representative of my class I was able to develop my leadership skills in the areas of negotiating, how to handle different personality types along with leading and acting on projects.

Why did you choose IUM to complete your MSc in Luxury Management?

I chose IUM for my MSc in Luxury Management as I first wanted to broaden my experience overseas as I had always just been based in Australia. Compared to the other MSc’s in Luxury available at the time, I felt that IUM had the most opportunities in terms of access to luxury conferences/speaker events, potential employers, small size classes and had a strong range of relevant subjects that interested me. Monaco was also a key factor in my decision as it such a beautiful country, easy to get around and very safe.

What type of advice would you give to students who would like to enter in the industry you are working in or would like to apply to the MSc in Luxury Management?

The advice that I can offer students wanting to enter the luxury fashion industry is to talk to as many people as possible, research and read widely so you can learn as much as possible. The more you talk to people and the more you research, the clearer you will be about the industry and the type of job you would like to have. If you don’t have access to people face-to-face, try connecting on LinkedIn. However, make sure your questions are very clear and concise as you will have better luck getting an answer!

Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to prove you’re keen and passionate about the industry. Offer samples of your work and research you have done about the brand you are applying for. I thought I had a terrible interview for my internship (which I later found out they thought  was very good), however, I really wanted the job, so when I sent my thank you note I followed up with a presentation showing them I had researched all the things they had recommended to me at the end of the interview. It also pays to be persistent, following up on emails is always a good reminder of who you are!


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