MSc in Luxury Management business trip: every year, IUM organizes field trips to give students the opportunity to experience firsthand how luxury companies work nowadays.

This year, the MSc in Luxury Management business trip was set in northern Italy between Piedmont and Lombardy. Throughout the four days, we had the chance and the pleasure to visit several excellent businesses in the luxury industry.

MSc in Luxury Management Business trip: Retail and Hospitality specialization

Our first stop was near Alba, in Piedmont, the land of truffles and Barolo wine, where we had the chance to visit two wineries. The first one was Ceretto, a family-owned winery that is still very loyal to their original values; this enables them to produce a great variety of wines linked to the local territory. It was a great experience, since we had the opportunity to taste their wines and to see how a family business can grow from a very humble beginning to an extremely successful exported brand, as it is today. In the afternoon, we went to the Fontanafredda winery; it is enclosed in a natural amphitheater in the Langhe hills, formerly belonging to the Italian king Vittorio Emanuele II.

Business Trip in Italy for the MSc in Luxury ManagementDuring the second day we were all very impressed by Casa Zegna, in Trivero near to Biella. It was an amazing opportunity to walk through Zegna’s history from the origins in the early 20th Century through to today’s modern challenges that come from a globalized world. In addition, we had the privilege to see how the Zegna wool-mill operates internally. Here we witnessed all of the processes needed to transform the wool from an absolute raw material to a premium-finished product. In the afternoon, we moved back to Turin to visit the Abarth headquarters. First, we had a brief tour of the historical Abarth cars, and then we were introduced to an upcoming Abarth 500 model, the Biposto. At Abarth, we clearly felt the passion that the company puts into their products and the great extent to which the final customer experience matters to them. While in Turin, we spent our evening at the Golden Palace Hotel. We were greeted and welcomed by the hotel manager who showed us all of the peculiarities that make the hotel different from others, such as the temporary art exhibitions in the main hall.

The following morning we visited Aurora, the famous Italian pen makers. We were shocked by the range of different products produced that all started from the same inner parts. Aurora showed us several one-of-a-kind models that were enriched with gold, silver and even diamonds, all with a staggering price tag. Before moving to Milan, we had one last stop by the Italia-Independent headquarters in Turin. What struck us the most was the energy that such a young company producing sunglasses was able to convey. All of the members that we had the opportunity to meet were very keen in showing us why Italia-Independent is different from other companies, and they also shared with us the reasons behind their decision to enter such a competitive industry. We understood the importance of attending numerous events and PR, especially when a business is just starting out.

When we arrived in Milan our first meeting was with Tod’s. All of us were delighted that we had the opportunity to talk to the Worldwide Buying and Merchandise Manager. She explained to us in detail what happens on the other side of the retail world and how complicated and challenging it can be. Another stop we enjoyed very much was the Luxury Living showroom experience. We appreciated the combination of high-level designs and premium materials for crafting furniture.

Business Trip in Italy for the MSc in Luxury Management

On our last day of our trip, we started with an amazing visit to Valentino‘s headquarters in Milan. It was a very inspiring visit, as we were told about all of the major milestones of the company. We met senior managers who guided us through the major features of the Valentino Group. Several of us fell in love with the company and are considering pursuing a career there. While in Milan we toured two major hotels in the city. They are very renowned since they serve the most exclusive clientele. The first was the Carlton Baglioni hotel; it has a very strategic location, enriched with amazing pieces of furniture inside. Furthermore, the hotel has a private exit on via della Spiga, one of the top destinations for shopping in Milan. We enjoyed our lunch there, kindly offered by the hotel, before rushing to do some shopping. The other hotel, Palazzo Parigi, is located in an unconventional place for a luxury hotel. In the Brera district, it is recently opened and enclosed in a wonderfully renovated building, with very spacious suites overlooking the Duomo.

Last but not least, food played a major role throughout our trip. We stopped by LARTE, an Altagamma concept bar/restaurant, which is renowned for its Italian culinary tradition combined with innovative interiors. This place was meant to display a new way of enjoying the best of the Made In Italy food. The restaurant also informed us that are thinking about opening new locations in China and the Emirates.

Overall, it would be fair to say that we all we really enjoyed and appreciated the four days excursion of Italy. It was an incredible opportunity to meet professionals in their “natural field” and gain insights in various specializations. A special thanks goes to our Program Director, Annalisa, and to Andrea, our Event Management professor. They did an amazing job in organizing an outstanding trip, granting us an unforgettable experience.

Written by Gian Piero Mazzilli, current MSc in Luxury Management student



MSc in Luxury Management Business trip: Goods and Services specialization

If you’re looking for amazing and diversified experiences, you will find many of it at IUM. For sure, the Business Trip is one of the greatest opportunities students have during the year.

I was excited the first time I’ve heard about the Field Trip. I enjoy traveling, but this experience was way more than this.  I can say with all my heart that it exceeded my expectations. To have the chance to travel abroad with your class, to visit outstanding places, to be able to see behind the curtain of luxury industries and getting to meet business people who have been working in this field for ages is really an experience that will stay with you forever.

Business Trip in Italy for the MSc in Luxury ManagementWe started the Business Trip by visiting the Mantero Silk Factory – a company which is the paradise of luxury scarfs and silk products for the big brands name; we then visited Villa d’Este Golf Club in Como where we had a very good lunch and a presentation about the business; we’ve been to Casta Diva 5* Hotel & Resort where we saw how a true presidential suit looks like and what services they provide at this level and of course, we enjoyed the wonders and the surroundings of Lake Como and a great Italian dinner.

On the other days we’ve been to Milan, where we had a distinguished breakfast at Louis Vuitton preceded by an introduction to their business, shop and customers’ service; we went by a visit at Fendi Showroom to attend a presentation about Fendi Casa, entering in a world where tradition meets modernity, beauty meets colors and business meets success. The meeting with Stefano Rocca, one of the board members of Vhernier Jewelry was enlightening and we got to know more about Jewelry industry and about this successful small, expensive and creative brand.

On the last day after visiting the Magna Pars Small Luxury Hotel in Milan where we had again a perfect lunch, we’ve visited Cappellini where we saw really interesting pieces of furniture. The highlight of the last evening in Milan was the dinner at Bvlgari Hotel, where we had a networking session with business people who works for different luxury brands. We had the chance to socialize with these successful persons who works at Zegna, Fendi, Cartier and Tod’s.

We all gathered valued pieces of information and we enjoyed every moment of the trip. The atmosphere was always charming and delightful. I could say that this trip brought us together more as a group, we met each other better, and we learned to listen, to tolerate and to work together. Thanks to this trip the process of integration within the group became shorter; we became friends and we spent four days together in the world of luxury Italian dream.

We tasted the dolce vita and we liked it. This trip helped us to shape our dreams and ideals and helped us to turn our thoughts to what we want to do in the future and how we want to live our lives.”

Written by Evelyne Cusner, current MSc in Luxury Management student